The DUPAL® Heritage quartz watch is equipped with a quality and precision Japanese movement from the MIYOTA 6P29 brand.


Using the stopwatch:

Foreword: Using the stopwatch does not alter the time setting.

  • Start-up

Pressing push-button A for the first time starts the chronometer on the three dials: the upper one represents four half seconds, the one on the left the minutes and the lower one the seconds.

  • Simple timing

In the case of single timing, pressing pushbutton A a second time pauses timing. To restart the timing, simply press push button A again. The exercise can be repeated several times.

To reset the stopwatch to zero, all you have to do is press push-button B.

  • Multiple timing

In the case of a count of several timings, a second press on pushbutton B will stop the hands, but will continue to count the running seconds. Due to the fact that by pressing push button B again, the lower dial advances as many seconds as the hands stop time and restarts the seconds count. For example :

To reset the hands: when they turn, press pressure button A once, then press button B once.


Date setting

Pull the crown out to position 1 (the first click). Turn it clockwise to the current date.


Setting the time:

Before setting the time, check that the chronograph is stopped.

Wait for the seconds hands to be on 12 to pull the crown out to position 2 (second click). Set the hands to the desired time of day by turning the crown clockwise. Then press the crown to return it to position O.

* Do not set the date between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m., otherwise the day will not be exact.


Usage tips :

DUPAL® watches use the best qualities of materials and do not require any particular maintenance. To ensure the precision and longevity of your DUPAL® watch, we recommend that you observe the following points:

  1. Temperature

Your watch should not be exposed to extreme temperature or sudden changes in temperature. For the watch to function in good condition and to be accurate, the temperature must be between 5 ℃ and 35 ℃.

  1. Magnetism

Do not position your watch close to an object with magnetism (such as telephone, speaker, any other electromagnetic device) as strong magnetism can affect the operation of the watch mechanism.

  1. Shock

Avoid shocks, because a violent shock will damage the watch and the movement, consequently its operation. 

  1. Water resistance

The water resistance of the watch is indicated on the back of the watch case

  • 3 ATM = the watch is resistant to a pressure of 3 Bars, i.e. rain and splashes. It should not be used in the shower, for swimming or for diving.

Check that the adjustment crown is properly inserted into the case to prevent water from entering the mechanism.

  1. Chemical products

Direct contact with solvents, detergents and other chemicals should be avoided.

  1. Overexposure to the sun

Your watch should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, in order to avoid color fading or the aging of the straps.

  1. Interview

Use a soft damp cloth with water and possibly soap to clean the case, then wipe with another dry cloth.